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Monitoring plans start as low as $27.99 per month.

Oklahoma Home Security Systems

Oklahoma’s violent crime rate in 2016 was higher than the national average by almost 16%, and the state’s property crime rate was higher than the national average by nearly 34%. In 2015, there were 37,358 burglaries in Oklahoma, which averages out to just over 102 burglaries per day or one burglary every 14 minutes and 4 seconds. While the burglary rate in Oklahoma is higher than it was a decade ago, it has dropped off slightly from a 2009 peak, according to CityRating.com and OK.gov.*

Forcible entry was used in almost 70% of the burglaries in Oklahoma, and the total losses from residential burglaries in 2010 were $54,684,972. Over 40% of burglaries in Oklahoma took place during the daytime.

Home Security Alarms

Long Distance Home Monitoring – The Peace of Mind Package

Does it seem like you are never home? We all live busy lives and sometimes we you need to check on your home, but you can’t get away. You spend your entire day worrying. Protect Your Home has you covered. Whether you’re across town or across the world, the Peace of Mind Package allows you to remotely check in on your home. With a smart phone and a few simple finger swipes you will have peace of mind.

Setup the Pulse® app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will be able to arm, disarm, or check the status of your home in seconds. You can setup real time email and text alerts to update you on activity throughout the day. Alerts can even remind you if you leave home without the system armed. After all, the best security system in the world can’t protect your home if it isn’t armed.

The Peace of Mind Package with 24-hour monitoring comes standard with a digital security panel and remote access to your system. Our expertly trained and certified Home Security Advisor will work with you to build a complete system that meets your lifestyle, budget, and needs. We service Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond, Moore, Norman, Midwest City, Yukon and Tulsa metro areas.

Easy Home Security System – The Personal Safety Home Monitoring Package

You spend your days making an impact on the world around you. You put others’ needs before your own. But, at the end of the day when you are home, you deserve safety and security.

Unfortunately, even in a good world, bad things happen to good people. That is where the Personal Safety Package, with 24-hour monitoring, comes in. With our technology, you will have the assurance that help will be there when it is needed.

This Personal Safety Package arms you with the tools you need to help protect your home from unwanted visitors. Your monitored security system comes standard with a wireless key chain remote as well as an outdoor siren with strobe. Your key chain remote can call for help with the simple push of a button. Plus, all customers receive a yard sign and security window stickers. We service Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond, Moore, Norman, Midwest City, Yukon and Tulsa metro areas.

Burglar Alarms & Fire Alarms

Custom Remote Home Security – The Early Warning Alarm System Package

Your home is an investment for you future. You work hard to make improvements. Even with constant care the unexpected can cause devastation to your home and valuables. It is a fact of life that despite all our efforts, a problem could still arise. It could be a broken pipe, a faulty electrical outlet, or poor ventilation. Even the best efforts of prevention can’t catch everything every time. And when something does go wrong, every minute counts.

This is why we offer the Early Warning Package. This package can be tailored to your home. The package has options to add Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, and Flood monitoring (not available in all states). The base package includes a digital control panel, motion sensor, and wireless door or window sensors. And with a fast response, you and your local emergency response team will be alerted at the first sign of danger.

Wireless Home SecurityThe Cord Cutter, No Landline Home Security Package

Have you avoided home security because of the added cords of a land line based system? In the past, if you wanted a home security system to help protect your valuables, you had to have a phone line. Not anymore! With Protect Your Home’s Cord Cutter Package, you get the same 24-hour monitoring you trust without being tied to the phone company.

Using mobile technology, your system will work even when lines are down. Plus, you can use wireless security sensors throughout your home. You will have less clutter and the same reliable home security.

When you choose the Cord Cutter package, your user-friendly system is controlled by a wireless digital panel. Our expertly trained and certified Home Security Advisor will work with you to address your specific needs. Together you will create a custom plan for risk areas in your home. Then, they will setup your easy, wireless system. The Home Security Advisor will then show you, step-by-step how to use your system. Whether you are concerned about doors and windows or carbon monoxide and flooding, we have you covered.

An easy upgrade to Pulse Select, will also allow you to easily control your system from your smart phone. We service Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond, Moore, Norman, Midwest City, Yukon and Tulsa metro areas.

Home Security Monitoring & Video SurveillanceThe Sneak Peek Package

Do you wonder what happens at home when you’re not there? Have you ever wanted to keep an eye on the babysitter? Maybe the kids are home from school or that new puppy is still working on potty training. If so, the Sneak Peek Package is just what you need.

Use the Pulse® mobile app to access your home security system from any smart device. Easily take a quick, secure look into your home. With the Sneak Peek Package you can view real time video of your home from anywhere! The Sneak Peek Package comes standard with a base security system that includes wireless equipment. Plus, your system comes with an indoor camera that can be placed anywhere in your home for convenient video recording.

Our expertly trained and certified Home Security Advisor will work with you to build a complete system that meets your lifestyle, budget and needs.

Alarm Monitoring

No matter if you live in a house, an apartment, a condo—even an RV—it’s your home, and it’s where you and your family spend time together, which makes it incredibly valuable. You work hard to make sure your family is comfortable and happy, but most importantly, you work to ensure they are safe. Home alarm monitoring systems can help make this crucial task a little easier through streamlined systems powered by dependable technology and dedicated staff.

Your alarms are programmed to do more than sound loud noises to scare intruders, they’re capable of alerting you and a team of skilled professionals as soon as a breach of your system is detected. Additionally, as technology has become more and more advanced, so too does the capabilities of alarm monitoring systems. Depending on your needs and budget, you can infuse video monitoring, text alerts, and even control your entire home security system from one, easy-to-use control panel. Whether you’d like to start small and build up or go straight into the most advanced system on the market today, you can trust that skilled installers will be able to get you and your family the protection you’re looking for at the cost you can afford. Each family is unique, and there’s an alarm monitoring system out there that’s perfect for your needs. We service Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond, Moore, Norman, Midwest City, Yukon and Tulsa metro areas.

Home Automation

Robots in the home, self-cleaning kitchens, smart homes—fifty years ago, these were daydreams and the makings of futuristic stories. Today, they are reality and are available to almost everyone. When it comes to making your home a smart home, there are a million and one things you can do to make home life a little easier. From simply buying light bulbs that can be controlled from your phone to installing a complete home automation system, where everything from your blinds to your doors to your heating and cooling can be controlled from one main panel, creating your smart home can help save you time, energy, and money. Many times, we forget to turn off the bathroom light in the morning, leaving it on all day. We may leave the air running while we’re at work, or turn the heat up too high, leading to high energy bills. But with home automation, these annoyances can be eliminated through a quick press of a button or swipe of a screen. Not only do home automation systems make life easier, they help make it safer. With the technology of today, you can sync your home security system with your home automation system, making access to your monitors and detectors immediate, keeping you and your family safe.

Benefits of Security Cameras

Once prohibitively expensive, security cameras have become a common component of today’s home security systems. While early camera systems were only operational via a full-scale CCTV system, the latest cameras come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be made operational in virtually any room in your home.

From a home security standpoint, the enhanced protection that a security camera provides is immense. Because burglars don’t want to leave behind evidence of their crimes, the mere presence of a camera is sometimes enough to scare them off. And in the event that a burglar isn’t instantly discouraged by your security camera and decides to break in anyway, you now have a clear picture of the intruder, and this can help police track him down.

But security cameras are useful for more than just catching burglars in the act. Check out these 6 unexpected benefits of home security cameras.

Catch bad people YOU let in your home.

We know, we know — you don’t mix and mingle with common criminals, so you don’t need to watch your friends, right? But often, the people who end up causing us the most harm are the people we blindly trust. And in the rare event that the “angel” friend you deemed trustworthy turns out to be the devil incarnate, at least you’ll have video proof of his sins to share with the cops.

Further lower home insurance premiums.

Any added precaution that you take to help protect your property has the potential to lower your home insurance. Installing a home security system can reduce your insurance rates. And depending on your insurance provider, the addition of security cameras may lower your premium even further.

Monitoring infants.

Young babies are notoriously temperamental and hard to lull to sleep. And once you finally manage to get them resting peacefully, the last thing you want to do is accidentally wake them up and be forced to repeat the ritual of putting baby to sleep all over again. Often, when parents go tiptoeing into a newborn’s room to check on them, they accidentally wake them. But with a security camera, you can peak in on baby as often as you’d like without disturbing him.

Watch kids from inside the house while they’re in the backyard.

With the warm summer months fast approaching, your kids will undoubtedly want to take full advantage of the warmer weather and play outside. The only potential downside to their summer fun is that you’re typically forced to stay outside with them. But with a security camera set-up, you can relax in the house while the kids take a dip in the pool out back — and keep an eye on them the entire time.

Keep employees honest.

If you have a professional dog walker, nanny, maintenance contractor or other service provider entering your home regularly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep an extra set of eyes on them via a home security system.

Watch for sketchy characters casing your home.

Exterior security cameras give your home something it’s never had before — eyes. Even when you’re not around, you can clearly see who approaches your home and when. And if you notice a pattern with any particular individual casing your home, you can take appropriate steps to further help protect yourself.

Security cameras will not only help you avoid the expected danger of an intruder, but also the less obvious dangers that may lurk around your home at any given time. Today’s advanced systems allow for real-time camera surveillance of your home, even when you’re not around — right from your smartphone. We service Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond, Moore, Norman, Midwest City, Yukon and Tulsa metro areas.

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